Humanitarian Data and Technologies

Our goal, as Centre for Humanitarian Analytics (CHA), is to analyse and develop critical technology-centred approaches that can inform a more reflective and responsive humanitarian practice, enhancing the humanitarian community’s ability to grapple with the ongoing transformation of the humanitarian sector in Africa and its operations, through and by technology.

Humanitarian Standards

As part of its roles as a one of the Focal Points in Africa for Sphere, CHA is required to spearhead adoption of comprehensive humanitarian quality management systems. The CHA organises joint training opportunities, participate in the dissemination of the Sphere Handbook, research initiatives, and outreach activities. It also runs advocacy activities calling for an increased application of humanitarian standards in-countries across Africa.

Humanitarian Policies Analysis & Dialogue

Centre for Humanitarian Analytics is committed to the systematic examination and assessment of humanitarian policies, programmes and practices in Africa. It also promotes rigorous dialogue on issues related to the work of humanitarian actors in the Africa region and encourages an active exchange of ideas and information between humanitarian practitioners, policymakers and the research community.